The Book of Acts – the present day persecuted

ActsStudyOh the richness of the cloud of witnesses documented in Acts!  While the entirety of the scriptures is complete for us, I really wish we had more writings about Philip or Cornelius and their faith.  But that’s just like me – craving those spin-off writings that develop the fringe characters in a book.

So, I must admit I am enjoying the A.D. television series that I mentioned in this blog post few weeks ago.  So far, it has added some creativity to my imagination of that time and the climate, politically and spiritually, that overwhelmed the first-century church.

Yesterday was a great discussion of the spread of the gospel to seemingly unreachable people and we took the opportunity to share names of people in our lives that might seem unreachable, but for whom Jesus died and God loves.

And while we are free to pursue and dialogue with those around us who don’t know Jesus, we have also discussed the fear that sometimes sets in and becomes the obstacle to our witness.  So, today I wanted to share a resource for Christians currently imprisoned for their faith.  There are a couple that frequent mainstream news and social media, like Saeed Abidini, but there are others whose names are not frequently published yet are precious and glorifying to God.

Prisoner Alert is a website by Voice of the Martyrs and gives profile information of people being persecuted for their faith and provides ways to safely write to them and be a voice of encouragement in their isolation.  If you feel led, take the opportunity to write to one of them…but certainly add them to your prayers as well.

As we will read in coming weeks, our effective prayers on behalf of the oppressed have the power to unlock doors!  Here is the YouVersion link for Lessons 6 and 7 (to be discussed in class on 5/24).