Following Jesus Through the Gospels and into the Book of Acts, wk12 – His job done….ours just begun


We have spent the last twelve weeks in the Gospels (Week 12 worksheet here), studying applications from Jesus’ ministry.  Jesus brought us to the end of His earthly ministry with a charge to all disciples.  The next logical step in our Sunday School studies is to learn from the apostles and the early church as they began to do what they were commissioned to do – without the presence of Jesus, but with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Beginning Sunday, April 12th, we will go through the Life Application Bible Study of the book of Acts.   This time, it’s a published curriculum and for those that would like the actual study book, we can do a bulk order and get them for $5.99 each ($5.49 if 10 or more ladies desire to purchase the book).  One of the unique features of this book is that the entire book of Acts is included in the book so you can have your Bible reading and the lessons in one small book.

In preparation for Week 1, you can click and read the Introduction of the book of Acts from our book (I will also have copies of the introduction available tomorrow as well as a copy of the book to peruse).

We will work through the material just like our Gospels study – I will prepare a weekly blog and extra reading/study to enhance our Sunday discussion times.  I pray these extra elements are as helpful to you as they are to me – I find that my thirst for the Word does not come from just weekly reading/study but from a daily saturation that creates a desire to fill my time.

Know that I am praying for the group that God desires to come together for this next study – that we will edify and encourage each other and that we will grow in our relationship with God, together as the local body of Christ was designed to do.


Week 12 facilitator notes