Follow Jesus Through the Gospels, intro – the 400 years before…

Follow-Jesus-graphicAs we begin our Sunday School material on Follow Jesus Through the Gospels, appreciation of the cultural and political temperature of the times require some understanding of the “silent years” between the Old and New Testaments.  You can read about the 400 Silent Years from for a good synopsis of the time from Malachi in 430 B.C. and the arrival of Jesus around 6-4 B.C.

Out of necessity, our study will begin with an introduction to the Gospel writers – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Scripture reading in preparation of week one can be found here.  Each week, I’ll have the reading available at  You can also create your own account (totally optional) and be able to read the Bible from a selection of versions from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.  You can also access the event links in our group, Grace4NJ Women’s Sunday School.

All of this extra material is optional – I just want to make additional resources available to those that want additional study during the week.  It can also be helpful when  someone cannot attend the class and would like to stay current in the study.

May God be evident in the rest of your week!

~ Elizabeth