Follow Jesus Through the Gospels, wk6 – more chiasm, please


Our discussion for Week Six (Week 6 worksheet) briefly introduced a Greek/Hebrew literary concept called a chiasm.  And we looked at one in John 8.  This unique form of writing can be challenging to learn but if you can start to see them in your Bible reading, the depth and intricacy of God’s Word will come alive for you.

Here is another example of a chiasm (plus many others on that blog site)- this one from 1 Corinthians 13:8-13, on love.  I thought this one complemented our current sermon series quite well.  It shows the parallel of becoming mature in Christ as the necessary ingredient for demonstrating love.

This chiasm is made even more powerful if you approach verses 7-8a as a progression in developing (becoming mature in) love.  Look at it this way:

Love bears all things…and when it can bear no more >>

Love believes all things…and when it can believe no more >>

Love hopes all things…and when it can hope no more >>

Love endures all things…and when it can endure no more >>

Love never ends.

Oh, how encouraging to know that “when the perfect comes, the partial will come to an end” (vs 10)!  Until the perfect comes, we will continue to follow Jesus!


Week 6 facilitator notes