Follow Jesus Through the Gospels, wk7 – Luke’s contribution to the Gospel story

Follow-Jesus-graphicHere is Week 7 worksheet-PDF.  It was a great discussion on the Parable of the Lost this week.  We are privileged to enjoy the detailed account of Luke as one of the gospels and his presentation of eyewitness accounts to the ministry of Jesus.

Michael Card does a phenomenal job creating a Biblical imagination around the gospel times and people.  Early in our study, I shared his video set on Matthew.  His presentation on Luke is just as uplifting and enlightening as he walks through the settings as he reflects on the accounts in Luke.  You can enjoy Part Two – The Stories as it aligns with the place in our readings so far.

We are half-way done with this study as we are being challenged to study Him to know Him and by knowing Him, learn how to better live for Him.


Week 7 facilitator notes