Follow Jesus Through the Gospels, wk11 – His purpose finished

Follow-Jesus-graphicWeek Eleven was a powerful study on the day of Christ’s crucifixion (Week 11 worksheet-PDF can be accessed here)!   Spending class time on just this one day was a great way to set our hearts toward the Holy Week to come and be moved by the intention of Jesus to focus on all of us for which He did this.

To keep your focus on the reality of His crucifixion and resurrection, you can watch this part one of a video series called The Six Miracles of Calvary.  It’s a beautiful production of documentary, worship music, and reflections from several godly teachers/speakers like Toni Eareckson Tada, Jennifer Rothschild, Dr. Stowell, Dr. Rydelnik and a couple others.  Part two will be available for viewing on 3/27 and part 3 to be released on 4/3.

Week Twelve will look at the completion of Jesus’ purpose and the beginning of ours as Christians.  Our study is about to conclude, but my prayer has been and will be that it is just the beginning of our thirst to study Him to know Him, and by knowing Him, learn how to better live for Him.


Week 11 facilitator notes