Follow Jesus Through the Gospels, wk10 – Dinner with Jesus

Follow-Jesus-graphicWeek Ten’s lesson (here is Week 10 worksheet-PDF) was just an introduction of all that occurred at that final Passover meal with Jesus.  Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties beyond my control, we were not able to watch the video clip that I had planned.  I added a link for that in the worksheet or you can go to and watch it from the beginning through timestamp 9:32 (or keep watching – the whole program is excellent!)

This final recorded dinner with Jesus is so full of details and teachings from Jesus to His closest twelve.  This could truly be a 12-week study just on the teachings in the Upper Room.  The Gospel of John is the only account that provides this detail and he devotes chapters 13 through 17 to its content.

An ever-so-brief synopsis of this discourse could be outlined as:

• we see more clearly into the heart of our Lord than ever before;

• we have more of an understanding of what our real needs are;

• we see the preparations, and the provisions, He has made for us; and

• we understand a little more clearly what “bearing fruit” means.

What a gift that John gives us that we can see a little deeper into the heart of Jesus toward us!  It’s worth revisiting in your personal quiet time as we approach Holy Week.

One final thought this week – we meditated on Psalm 118 as we imagined Jesus reciting that psalm at the close of the dinner.  Sometimes we struggle with keeping our eyes on Christ in the midst of a trial, tragedy, or just a plain bad day.  So let’s not overlook Him relying on the truth of verse 24:  This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.


Week 10 facilitator notes