CWBS Online Bible Study – Psalm 119

The greatness of God’s Word is the theme of Psalm 119. Woven throughout this longest chapter of the Bible are beautiful character qualities of Scripture, reminding us that God’s Word is sufficient, truthful, pure, authoritative, and unchanging. But when we look beyond the words on the page to the living Word – God himself – we see how His character is reflected in this chapter as well.

The Psalm 119 online Bible study gives us a glimpse into the beauty, importance, and usefulness of Scripture, prompting us to walk away more in love with God and His Word, more aware of our sin, and more in awe of our great Savior and His sacrifice on our behalf.

Our Community Women’s Bible Study group will be working through this study from January 4 to February 26 on the YouVersion app: These studies are simple in format and as rich as your personal Bible time will take you. They really have us focusing on daily meditation of Scripture and allowing the Scripture to instruct through the well-known S.O.A.P. study method of Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. You can read more about that here:

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