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In the Old Testament, the people of God looked forward in anticipation to the coming of the Messiah. This Advent required lots of waiting, trusting, and patience. Even now we are in a season of Advent, aren’t we? We are waiting expectantly for our Savior to return; to rescue us, once and for all, from the presence of sin and fear, to make all things right and beautiful, and for us to dwell in His kingdom and walk forever by His side. The Advent we are in also requires waiting, trusting, and patience. But the great news? The hope that Israel had is the same hope that we have today.

In this 4-week Love God Greatly Online Advent Bible study, we will look at some of the Old Testament promises of the Savior and the humility that would characterize Him. We will study why He came and the response of various people in the Christmas story, including how we too should respond to Jesus and His coming.

Emmanuel…God with us.

Our Community Women’s Bible Study group will be working through this study from November 30 to December 25 on the YouVersion app: Their studies are simple in format and as rich as your personal Bible time will take you. They really have us focusing on daily meditation of Scripture and allowing the Scripture to instruct through the well-known S.O.A.P. study method of Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. You can read more about that here:


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