Follow Jesus Through the Gospels


Follow-Jesus-graphicWhat an encouraging time spent in Mark 10 yesterday!  The relevance of Jesus’ teaching is so practical to His audience and with just a little bit of context, it still comes alive today!   Here is the Week 8 worksheet.  We have only four more lessons to go but there is so much yet to cover!

In our worksheet, I included a map of the region where Jesus traveled in Mark 10.  While researching that, I came across a different website that had a fascinating presentation of Jesus’ travels during His life on earth.  I especially loved two details he presents in this article, Miles Jesus and Mary Walked.

First, he made a statement that, “An average of 20 miles (32 km) a day on all His journeys would mean that Jesus spent at least 1,076 days and nights on the road in his life! This is a total of Two Years, 346 days on the road in his life! All these miles He walked by the age of 33.”  I think this does a good job of debunking our excuses that in today’s society, people are just too busy.  The gospels show that Jesus never dismissed the interruptions (the children, the crowds, the crippled) but He was far from sedentary and bored!

The second detail this article presents is “Grand Total Miles Jesus walked on trips! 21,525 Miles (34,640 km)…The distance around the world at the equator is 24,901.55 miles (40074 km).  This means the Jesus ‘walked’  ‘Almost’ the distance around the world!”  When we consider that John states that so many other things that Jesus did were not documented in the gospels, the idea that Jesus walked the equivalent of the circumference of the world just stirs a deeper appreciation of the effort our Savior took to live among us.

Our motto for this study has been, “We study Him to know Him, and by knowing Him, learn how to better live for Him.”  Never forget that any amount of time spent in His word gets us closer to Him and that closeness motivates us to better live for Him.  But we will never exhaust the depth and breadth of who Jesus is….I don’t think our eternity in heaven will open our eyes to everything there is to know about Jesus.

~ Elizabeth

Week 8 facilitator notes