Week Two Advent 2015 daily reading: PEACE


Week 2: PEACE

The second week of Advent’s readings focus on the immediate prophecies surrounding Jesus’ birth. These accounts tell of God’s divine interjection into the lives of ordinary men and women, changing the course of their journey forever. Where has God intervened in your own story? What do we learn about Jesus through these prophecies? As each account anticipates the coming Christ, what do you anticipate in the promises of the Kingdom of God?



Most Merciful God, so often we expect great things to happen with fireworks and parades, but we know that you are the God of the still, small whisper. You came into the world innocent and vulnerable and changed everything. Give us eyes to see the subtle miracles of our every day. Give us willing hearts to adapt and change at your quiet prompting, that we may walk in your way and delight in your will. Amen.

Sunday: Luke 1:5-17

Monday: Luke 1:57-79

Tuesday: Matthew 3:1-12

Wednesday: Luke 1:26-38

Thursday: Luke 1:39-45

Friday: Luke 1:46-56 

Saturday: Matthew 1:18-25 







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