Week Three Advent 2015 daily reading: JOY

JoyWeek 3: JOY

The readings for the third week of Advent are filled with the joy of Jesus’ birth. Light enters the world and goes mostly unnoticed, but those who see the brilliance of the baby Messiah cannot help but worship. What strikes you about these moments of praise? How has God used some seemingly insignificant moments to change everything in your journey? Where do you see God’s light shining this Advent?


O Holy Trinity, where you are light shines brightly, joy flows freely, and love runs deep into the cracks of broken hearts. Free us from the burden of our worries, the weight of our fears, and oppression of our shame, that we might worship with free and full hearts. Help us sing praise with abandon as children to our Father, for you are worthy of all praise, glory, and honor. Amen.

Sunday: Luke 2:1-7

Monday: Luke 2:8-20

Tuesday: Matthew 2:1-12

Wednesday: Luke 2:21-35

Thursday: Matthew 2:13-23

Friday: Luke 2:41-52

Saturday: John 1:1-18







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