CWBS – Draw Near Online Bible Study

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1/17/2020 Day Twelve blog post “Created By Him” by Love God Greatly

1/15/2020 Day Ten blog post “What Do I See?” by Love God Greatly

1/13/2020 Day Eight blog post “What’s That Genre” by Love God Greatly

1/10/2020 Day Five blog post “the SOAP Study Method” by Love God Greatly

1/8/2020 Day Three blog post “Why Inductive Bible Study” by Love God Greatly

1/6/2020 Day One Welcome blog post by Love God Greatly

1/3/2020 Introduction blog post by Love God Greatly

Community Women’s Bible Study Sign Up-Draw Near

Starting Monday, January 6th, we will work through a 6-week online Bible study called Draw Near by Love God Greatly:
“God’s Word is a deep mine, full of treasures and priceless jewels. No matter how long we study it, how familiar we are with it, or how many times we have read it, the mine is never empty. God’s Word is always teaching us, always instructing us, and always encouraging us, but we need to know where to look. Through this study, we will examine Psalm 19, learning about the qualities of God’s Word. We will study many additional passages to help us understand how God uses His Word in our lives and how His Word transforms us. With Psalm 19 as our anchor, we will glean new insights about the value and importance of studying God’s Word.”

Since this is primarily an online Bible study, all communication will be through email.